Augie Feder


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Whether you are concerned about your possible addiction or currently an Anonymous member (NA, AA, SLA, and others), I can help you to get your life back on track. For those just thinking about getting clean, together we can create the structure and support you need. The experience of addiction is often in itself traumatic, filling us with shame, self-doubt, and an unraveling of our identity and purpose. At the root, however, addictions so often stem from a need to cope with experiences of sexual abuse, violence, incest, neglect, depression, anxiety, and social isolation. Learning to cope with these seemingly unbearable experiences is not easy and cannot be addressed by abstinence alone.

Anonymous members often need help in ways that their sponsor is not available. Many Anonymous members want so much more from their clean life but need to address the deeper and often painful issues that underlie their addictions. If you are now clean, I can work in parallel with your sponsor to help you address the roots of your suffering, to move beyond addiction and rebuild your life in new and surprising ways.