Augie Feder

Couples Counseling

(510) 984-2499

I enjoy working with couples of all kinds. Finding a way to make our intimate relationships satisfying and passionate is often a springboard for our social, personal, professional, and spiritual lives. You may be fearful of change and loss, and yet your current situation seems unbearable. You (and/or your partner) may have the impulse to flee, yet are also wanting it to work. Can you rekindle the feelings that brought you together in the first place?

We do not need to compromise ourselves to feel good in relationship. Each of us needs to be able to express our individuality and difference. In fact, expressing our differences, learning to face the tension of our conflicts, is ultimately the key to maintaining successful, long-term relationships. I can help both members of the couple to unearth and hold even the most painful and shaming issues, while reigniting the spark and commitment that can hold you together.

Couples embody all of life’s drama, including our most difficult issues, needs, creative potential, and erotic dreams. Couples are the foundation of healthy parenting and families. I help individuals within the couple to take responsibility for their conflict, to understand that healing the couple –whether you stay together or not- ultimately serves your own aspirations.