Augie Feder

For Teens

(510) 984-2499

Our teenage years are an exciting time of growth and change. It can also be a time of uncertainty, anxiety, and anger. Finding a safe place, where you feel heard and understood, can be a huge relief. In therapy, young people don’t need advice as much as a place to be themselves, to explore their choices, and think about their own experience.

Many teens want and need space from their parents. I provide just such a confidential space. I generally share with parents only that which is essential or that you have specifically agreed to.

I work with teens who may not “need” therapy. Therapy does not have to wait for crisis or paralyzing mental health issues to be helpful. Many teens consider or attempt to hurt themselves and are desperate to feel free. There is a way out. I can help you to feel better and to find ways to express and embody the energy and passion for life you may feel you have lost.