Augie Feder

Marriage and Family Therapist

(510) 984-2499

Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, and Teens

We can transform ourselves. I have seen remarkable transformation in my client’s lives and experienced it myself.   If you feel stuck with who you’ve become and wonder how you can change, therapy can help. Feeling stuck or scared is often a result of not being comfortable with some important part of ourselves. If you feel stuck with who you’ve become, I would like to help you question the ideas you have gotten about who you are, uncover your spark, and become comfortable with who you truly are.

color picture of Augie with flowers in backgroundMy style is informal and warm. I listen deeply, and gently question assumptions. I start with what is bringing you to therapy and don’t have an agenda. Using the lens of your everyday experience, I help you to make meaning of your struggles, find some relief, and grow. While your past may not be our focus, we often discover ways that these shadows negatively affect your life now. Feeling better about yourself is often the first step towards accomplishing personal goals, whether financial, romantic, sexual, or social.

One way our shadows are experienced in everyday life, and in therapy, is through how we feel in our bodies. I’ve come to understand that depression and anxiety are often symptoms of discomfort with your own body. Shame is often what comes up. Our true self grows out of an ability to use our bodies and emotional lives in a way that is reflective, that furthers our goals, and brings us closer to the ones we love. This is especially difficult in a world that so often alienates us from our bodies. Many of my clients experience this alienation as a sense of not belonging or fitting in. Our families, and the materialistic culture we live in, often feel like a box that we are struggling to get out of. In therapy together, we can find the meaning of your experience and re-discover your purpose.